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Singapore Institute of Architects

Integrated Branding


Who is an architect? What does it mean to be an architect? How should we celebrate great architectural works? These are the questions we seek to answer through the I AM ARCHITECT campaign by Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA). Singapore architects do amazing work but there has not been much effort to promote it to non-architects.


I AM ARCHITECT aims to fill this gap with a series of publicity initiatives, which includes an online portfolio website, similar to Behance, for SIA members to showcase their works. We launched the campaign during SIA’s annual dinner, when most of the members will be present. The invite card, stage backdrop and photo wall were designed based on the I AM ARCHITECT branding. Inspired by the golden ratio and the role it plays in architecture, we used triangles, a shape that provides strength and stability, as a main design element. It also represents the council’s firm manifesto to be an institute with relevance. That year’s council booklet was also designed with the I AM ARCHITECT theme in mind. Each booklet is personalized with the member’s name to make them feel part of this movement to promote and better the profession.

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